Learn english speaking app for iphone

We use automatic speech recognition with multimedia English language learning content. Our products work on all mobile devices as well as PCs.

Can you really improve your English with TV and films?

A new learning interactive experience to help you speak better English. Improve your English speaking skills by talking with a video character on your mobile ph Short, fun and engaging. SpeakingPal turns the mobile phone into an English tutor — simply speak into the phone and get instant color-coded feedback on how well you have pronounced all of your English words and sentences.

Hear a native English speaker, record yourself and practice speaking as much as you like. Simply speak into the phone and get instant feedback on how well you speak in English. For iPhone an Practice to get a better score at your next English test.

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For iPhone and Android. Alla prossima. This app is a lot of fun! You are going to like it. Jump in.

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There are so many Italians who are ready and willing to chat with you! Great way to practice your Italian! Thanks so much for the feedback on the videos! This is a new area for me…so I appreciate your support as I make play around with the YouTube Channel! I learn something new every time! After having heard Italian spoken all of my life and then studying it in university, I became fluent. Where I live now, there are no people with whom I can converse in Italian.

Consequently, I have lost much of my ability to speak Italian.

App per imparare l’inglese con l’iPhone: eccone 9 tra le migliori!

Hello Talk may be exactly what I need to regain my fluency! Thank you, my dear, for providing this service. Ciao Marianne! I think you will like this app. I just had a blast chatting with so many people. Everyone is so friendly and wants to learn English better and are so willing to chat in Italian with those wanting to work on their Italian language skills. O mio dio!

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I just spent 2 hours chatting with a whole bunch of Italians on HelloTalk! There are so many Italians who want to chat and learn English.

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If you want to practice your Italian…this is a great place to do it! Lots of fun…making lots of new friends. Mail will not be published. Ranked Top Language Lovers Bab. Melissa StudentessaMatta. Visit Italy Magazine Page.

Learn english speaking app for iphone

Studentessa Matta YouTube. Matta Podcast. Studentessa matta. Sites that inspire me! Learn Italian in Italy!

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News in Slow Italian! Italian language learning on a post it note Cyber Italian : Online bab. HelloTalk Social app: Make friends.

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  • Learn English with TV and films: the complete guide.
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